Welcome to the Sparklepop freezerey

As a service to our fellow burners and to help everyone have some fun, sparklepop freezerey will be giving out freezer pops to the first 50 people to submit their mailing information to us.


How will this work you might ask. Well, the first 50 people to send us their mailing address will be mailed a hand made token in June of 2020 that you can exchange at burning Man for a frozen treat on playa. Each person who submits must state if they want 1 or 2 tokens. When you receive your token, hold onto it. When the tokens are mailed out in June, there will be instructions on what you must do on Playa to get your frozen treat. 

Why are we doing this? It is a social experiment for us and a great way to make new friends. We will mail out up to 100 free tokens this year (our first year doing this). Once on playa, bring your token (if you don’t decide to keep it) and you can exchange your token for a free, ice cold, frozen treat.

Each year we will keep recycling the tokens that are exchanged on playa and will use them the following year to do the same thing. Of course, every year, we expect to receive fewer and fewer back. Once we get to the point where there are no tokens left, this project will be discontinued and we will start something else.

You may be wondering who we are. The only answer you will get on that front is “we are the ones giving away frozen treats on playa”.

Here is what we would like you to send us via the form below:

Bob Bobson

1313 Mockingbird Ln

Anytown, ST 12345

I would like X tokens (Each person who submits may request up to two tokens, one for you and one for a friend). That means at most there will be 100 tokens.

Privacy Policy: All names and addresses will be destroyed after mailing. All names and addresses are kept in a small, secured database. We will not distribute your information to anyone for any reason at any time.

What are the rules?

  1. Each submitter may only request a maximum of two tokens
  2. Submissions must be complete and correct. If you are missing any information your request will be skipped and we will move on to the next request.
  3. Only one token per person. This means if you order two, you need to bring a second person to use your second token.
  4. Tokens are transferrable
  5. You must use an official token. We will know if you try to use something that we did not create.
  6. You must surrender our token to get the treat. If you want to keep the token, then one of us will eat your treat.
  7. Tokens will only be mailed to the 50 United States and U.S. territories.
  8. You will need to follow the instructions included with your token to redeem it for your treat.

Sign Up Here to Get Your Token(s)

Sign Up Here to Get Your Token(s)